Current Issue

August 2016, Volume 3, Number 1/2/3

Comparative Study for Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Mobility and Non-Mobility Scenarios [Pdf]

Paresh Acharekar, Saurabh Mehta and Shraddha Panbude,Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, India

August 2015, Volume 2, Number 3

FPGA Implementation of High Speed Baugh-Wooley Multiplier Using Decomposition Logic  [Pdf]
Ananda Kiran and Navdeep Prashar, Bahra University, India

May 2015, Volume 2, Number 2

Single Axis PV-Panel Tracking for Automated Street Light Controller  [Pdf]
Keerthana.A1 and Suresh Kumar.K2, 1KPR Institute of Engineering & Technology, India and 2La Trobe University, Australia

February 2015, Volume 2, Number 1

Topology and Configuration Selection for Dc/Dc Converters in Space Electrical Power Systems Based on Comparative Reliability Evaluation  [Pdf]
Reza Amjadifard, Alireza Fasooniechi and Ehsan Kosari, Iran Space Research Centre, Iran

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